We're a PropTech focussed dev agency.

Are you the CFO or the CEO of a real estate focused agency?

How you keep track of your data? Did you implement a proper dashboard?


Your data is just in some Excel files or spread over different tools you are using?


Even worse? Your full business is just organized in your inbox?

Crazy enough there is a big chance you didn't optimize your data yet and even though you're still growing every single year.


Why not growing faster or cutting on costs? That's pretty tempting, isn't it?

To create some awareness about this and show you the possibilities we offer this month a free workshop where we analyze your data and processes and make you a proposal how we would do it.

The nice thing is here:

We did it for multiple real estate agencies already.

That's why we call ourselves a a PropTech focussed dev agency.

    We give away 10 workshops within the next 2 months.
    First come first serve.

    What is included in the free workshop?

    • 2-3 meetings for 1-2 hours

    • Project estimation, described vision of the product, and high level project architecture/structure with central focus of the dashboard

    • Lifetime free usage of codepack of GraphGaze

    In a rush? we made you a video:

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